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Steffen Becker steffen.becker at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Apr 6 11:23:35 CEST 2018

Dear Federico,

you asked this question before and got some advice already. Could you 
please explain more detailed which of the previous answers you tried and 
whether they helped?

In particular, have you tried to install Simulizar via the Update Site 
as Binary?

Best wishes,
Steffen Becker

Am 06.04.18 um 11:03 schrieb Federico Ghirardini:
> Good morning,
> I am writing to you as I am a Bachelor students at Unibz currently 
> working on a simulation project for my thesis. As I am experiencing some 
> errors and problem with the simulation tool for the Palladio 
> environment, I got suggestion to get in contact with you. Currently I am 
> running simulation on the Mediastore example. The problem here is that 
> running the simulation with SimuBench does not produce any particular 
> error, but at the same time does not provide us detailed diagrams for 
> results like the one in the “Modeling and Simulating Software 
> Architectures" book (e.g. the ones with black and gray bars, etc.). For 
> that reason after reading the chapter 8 of the Palladio book I tried 
> running the simulation with SimuLizar, since the system we wish to test 
> is self-adaptive. I follow the guide to installation at this 
> page:https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/wiki/SimuLizar. It proceed until point 6 
> at which I got an “NULL POINTER EXCEPTION”. After experiencing the error 
> I write a mail to Palladio-Dev group and I got a response saying that I 
> have found some outdated documentation and that I should use the 
> following link: 
> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PalladioSimulator/Palladio-Analyzer-SimuLizar/master/org.palladiosimulator.simulizar.buckminster/simulizar.cquery 
> However, after trying with the new URL at step 6 but I encounter 
> “Rejecting provider” errors and “Component request” error (I attached a 
> screenshot of the Eclipse console to the email).
> My final objective is running the Mediastore example (which I have 
> downloaded from the MIT sites) and obtain Graphical results like the one 
> in the book to deeply understand the Simulation Environment in order to 
> use it with a different system architecture. So if you think I need a 
> Simulation tool different from SimuLizar, or if you have any suggestion 
> for pursuing that goal, I would really appreciate it.
> I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you in advance for your 
> attention in this matter.
> Best regards,
>     Federico Ghirardini
> unibz - Faculty of Computer Science
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