[palladio-dev] Simulate load balancing strategies using SimuLizar

Patrick Firnkes patrick.firnkes at student.kit.edu
Tue May 22 16:41:50 CEST 2018


I want to simulate different load balancing strategies using SimuLizar.
This strategies depend on the  runtime state of the model, such as the 
already running jobs on a resource container.
However, I'm not entirely sure how this could be implemented, because 
I'm not that familiar with SimuLizar's internals yet.

My approach would be to use the reconfiguration feature of Simulizar. 
The reconfiguration transformations
are triggered by measuring points, right? So I would have to create 
measuring points for component start/end, can this be done?

When the transformation is triggered it has to retrieve all running 
components, find the best fitting resource container, and start
the component on this resource container. Is this possible?
If there is no suitable resource container available, I want to put the 
component into a queue, and submit it to a resource container later.

Do you think that this is realisable or is it the wrong approach?

Thank you for your help,

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